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Express Entry is a well-established process for obtaining permanent residence in Canada, and anyone may apply. This requires demonstrating that you possess the skills and experience necessary to contribute to the Canadian system. The process is fast and simple.

It applies under the following federal programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Furthermore, provinces can encourage candidates to apply for Express Entry to meet local labor market needs:

• Provincial Nominee Program or PNP

Basically, each factor that is evaluated by these programs awards you points, and the idea is to get as many points as possible to receive an Express Entry invitation. Since there are a limited number of invitations per draw, the average score needed to qualify in this process ranges from 470 points, but the requirements can differ from draw to draw depending on the profiles of other participants. Every draw will proceed according to the same criteria, inviting the candidates with the highest score first until the number of invitations allowed expires.

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Here is the general scheme of the Express Entry, divided into two parts:

1) Candidates create an online profile.

Candidates will complete their profiles on the government’s official website. The following is a list of the information that must be provided and from which the profile of each candidate will be evaluated:

Work experience

In this section, it is vital that you present your previous pay stubs and employment references. Although any work experience in your country is important, it will give you a higher score to present experience outside of Canada that supports your area of study and ties with your previous jobs. Furthermore, the highest possible score will be given in this section if your international work experience is relevant to your studies within Canada or your Canadian work experience is as a worker with an open work permit. A minimum of one year of experience working for a Canadian company is required. The last option is without a doubt one of the quickest ways to acquire permanent residency.

However, the government of Canada has a classification system for job types called NOC. Consult our blog about NOC and its job classification to find out which jobs will allow you to earn points for Express Entry.

Generally speaking, each classification offers a different amount of points depending on your work area. All jobs rated 0, A, or B will receive up to 50 points, and jobs rated 00 may receive up to 200 points. Depending on the type of program you choose to apply for Express Entry, it is the job for which you must present proof of payment and experience.

Language proficiency in the official languages.

In this section, you must provide the results of English or French exams (official languages of this country) recognized by the Canadian government, such as IELTS or CELPIP. Likewise, a higher score in these ‘tests’ will add more points to your Express Entry profile. More information can be found here.

Education level

The studies you completed while studying outside or within Canada are taken into account here. Most international programs can be validated. The main criterion to be considered for Express Entry is your degree level. In order to know what the equivalence is within Canada, you will have to go to an agency affiliated with the Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Canadian Citizenship (IRCC). Visit our blog to learn more about the process.

In summary, foreign students can earn up to 15 points upon completing programs that last one or two years, such as a certificate or diploma. Graduates of certificate or diploma programs that last 3 years or longer will earn 30 points, as well those pursuing a 1-year specialization like master’s degree or doctorate degree. You will always earn more points for education in Canada than for education abroad.

Age, family nucleus, health, and the police record are evaluated.

When it comes to age, the highest score will always be between 20 and 29. Nevertheless, Canada will continue to give you points up to the age of 45. Even if you are not within this age range, you can apply to this program, but you will not score points in the age-specific section.

Furthermore, Canada evaluates your civil status and assigns you different scores based on it and whether you have children. For you to apply to the program of your choice that gives you access to Express Entry, you need to have a medical examination and guarantee that you have a clean criminal record.


This is an extra tip we recommend presenting. To increase your score, you must present all the tests that endorse all the courses and certificates you have acquired while studying. Extracurricular activities (preferably international) should also be presented.

Participants who meet all of these requirements will be accepted into a group of candidates, or better known as “rounds or draws”. The scores obtained will be classified according to the criteria mentioned above and that implies the level of human capital contribution for Canada.

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2) The candidates with the highest scores will receive invitations.

During this stage, those selected for or invited to enter the Express Entry program will have 60 days to send all the necessary documentation and fill out all the necessary forms to complete the process of obtaining permanent residency.

In conclusion

Those candidates with the highest scores will receive the invitation. Points are awarded according to each profile information.

Candidates will receive a higher score with:

• a job offer from a Canadian employer
• a provincial nomination (the programs mentioned at the beginning)
• factors and skills relevant to work experience

A candidate can earn additional points for:

• a job offer supported by a labor market impact assessment (LMIA)
• a provincial nomination

These points will give applicants a sufficient score to be invited to apply in invitation rounds.

IRCC will process most completed applications (ie those that have all the necessary supporting documents) within six months on average.

A candidate can remain in the draw for a maximum of 12 months. You will need to create a new profile if you don’t receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence within 12 months. This will prevent delays and ensure fast processing times.

Please find below the official link so that you may analyze your profile in detail. We can help you with a free consultation if you have questions or are unsure of which program to use to participate in Express Entry. Contact us at international@uvanu.com and we will be glad to assist you.

Furthermore, if you believe that your profile qualifies for Express Entry, please complete this form and a representative from Uvanu International will contact you as soon as possible to assist you.

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