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Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land area, but its population is relatively small in comparison to other large countries. 

Population density is relatively low, with an average of only four people per square kilometre. This is due to the country’s massive landscape, which includes huge tracts of uninhabitable land such as forests, tundra, and mountains.

Most of Canada’s population is concentrated in urban areas, with the biggest cities being Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. These cities are located in the south near the U.S. border. 

Canada’s population has been steadily growing by approximately 1.2% per year, owing largely to the country’s strong immigration policies. One-fifth of Canada’s population was born outside the country, resulting in a diverse and multicultural society with a variety of languages, religions, and cultures represented.

Another great point to emphasize is that a multicultural country is known as a nation without discrimination with equality, diversity, and inclusion, these values have been passed from generation to generation, to the point that the government is genuinely concerned that this continues to be promoted, has continued with programs in favour of an equitable community.

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This is one of the many reasons why we recommend Canada as a place for you to start another chapter of your life, it is a wonderful place with amazing people.

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