Frequently Asked Questions

What is UvanU?

UvanU is an education and immigration consultancy. The perks of UvanU are that we can offer you so much more than that! We have a homestay and transfer service, medical insurance, networking events, Immigration seminars and so much more!

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How does it work?

Contact us and tell us:

  1. Where you are from
  2. What you are interested in
  3. How we can help you

We will assign the best consultant for you based on your questions and your language. You will then get your FREE personalized consultation to start your future in Canada!

When does UvanU asks for a fee?

Since we were born for students, we try to be as affordable as possible!

Our education consultants’ service is completely free while our Certified Immigration Consultants have a fee for Visa applications.

UvanU fees are for:

  1. Visa application
  2. Homestay & Transfer services

All Seminars and Events are free too!

My Visa expires tomorrow! Is it too late to contact UvanU?

You can contact us at any time. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind our offices are located in Canada so we may work on a different time zone from where you are.

Our consultants may accept last-minute applications for an additional fee (rush fee) if they think the application can be done in time under such short notice.

Can I work in Canada without studying?

Depending on your country of citizenship, you may or may not be eligible to work in Canada temporarily without the need to study.

If that’s not your case, you still have a chance to work in Canada as an international student.

For additional information, contact us. It’s free!

I am already in Canada. How can UvanU help me?

UvanU can help you at any step. If you are already working or studying in Canada, we can help you! Whether you need to apply for the next permit, for medical insurance, for permanent residency or sponsorship application, UvanU does it all!

Contact us for information!

Can I enroll to a school by myself?

Of course, but you will be missing out on many benefits such as discounts and variety of options.

Whether you are currently in Canada or elsewhere, deciding which school to choose by yourself is a tough job!

That would mean going to each school and talking to a different consultant every time, and only getting information about one school at a time.

Moreover, you won’t be given information about the immigration process since schools are not allowed to talk about immigration.

Why should I register through UvanU?

With UvanU, the consultants will connect you with more than 200 schools all over Canada, narrowing down the colleges or universities you are most interested in together with you.

After choosing the perfect school for you, they will also be able to talk about the immigration process in order to obtain a Study Permit and, for a very low fee, they can even apply for you!

We have Certified Immigration Consultants that will apply for your Visa with the most correct information and documents. You won’t need to worry about anything!

Contact us if that sounds like a plan!