How to extend your stay in Canada?

The simplest and most beneficial way is through the study pathway. At Uvanu, we assist you with all the necessary procedures to complete your application. The programs can range from Diplomas (CO-OP), Bachelor’s degrees, Postgraduate degrees, to Master’s degrees.
The most recommended option is the Diplomas or CO-OP programs as they provide the opportunity to work and are more economically accessible. Here is more detailed information about these programs:

What is a Co-op program?

These programs are Diplomas that have international validation and are very popular nowadays due to their unique structure, as they are divided into two parts: 

Studying the first half of the program And the second half is dedicated solely to work with the purpose of absorbing new knowledge and then applying it in professional practice.

What advantages does a CO-OP have?

⚪ They offer payment plans.
⚪ While studying, you can work part-time.
⚪ In the second part of the CO-OP, you can work for the same number of months as in the study portion.
⚪ Some CO-OP programs give you the opportunity to transfer credits to the university.
⚪ You can start your program quickly as they have multiple start dates, so you don’t waste time.

What are the essential requirements to enter a CO-OP?

⚪ Intermediate level of English proficiency.
⚪ High school diploma or equivalent.
⚪ Demonstrated financial solvency.
⚪ Valid passport.

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