What we do?

 We are an education agency in Canada, we help you connect with the college or university that best suits your professional profile and needs. We carry out the registration, documentation, and visa processes from start to finish. Our main objective is to support you in achieving the great Canadian dream. We are characterized by working under the following values:






We are partnered with Webelieve, an immigration company with regulated immigration consultants, with the purpose of handling sponsorship processes with Canadian companies, permanent residency, and citizenship.



To help people from all over the world maximize their human capital by offering them a temporary or permanent international experience through education abroad.


Position Uvanu International as the best consulting agency abroad through our operational dynamism, staff, excellent customer service and community building.

Our team

We know that each person is unique, which is why we offer an exclusive service, with a high quality orientation.

Kay Kim - Director (ICCRC #R513905)

Kay Kim has been working as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Vancouver, Canada, starting from June 2015. His expertise lies in handling various immigration cases, including the LMIA
process for employer support and applications for PR through Express Entry. With an extensive experience of more than eight years and a track record of numerous successful cases, he is acknowledged as one of the leading immigration consultants in Vancouver, Canada.

Lorena Arrieta - Sales and Marketing Manager

Originally from Mexico, Lorena decided to embark on her journey to Canada in 2019.

She began her path as an international student and was captivated by the multiculturalism, innovation, and openness of this wonderful country.

Her purpose is to support students from all around the world in developing strategies that enable them to achieve the Canadian dream.

Sandra Villa - Education Consultant

Sandra, a Mexican in love with meeting new people and cultures, decided to settle in Canada to get out of her comfort zone and grow professionally. Currently, she is dedicated to helping people from other countries fulfill their dreams, providing the best information and step-by-step guide to reach the land of maple leaves.

Hanna - Education Consultant-Brazil

Hanna, with Korean heritage, currently resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For the past four years, she has been diligently handling study visa processes for Brazilian students with utmost satisfaction. As a consultant, her primary responsibility involves furnishing comprehensive information tailored to individual budgets and preferences for studying in Canada. Hanna's key strength lies in her meticulous approach to handling documentation, ensuring a flawless process without any room for errors.

Kay Kim

Director | RCIC (R705369)

Lorena Arrieta

Sales and Marketing Manager

Sandra Villa

Education Consultant 


Education Consultant-Brazil

Daniela Ortega - Marketing & Community Specialist

Daniela, originally from Colombia, arrived in Canada in 2017 as an international student. With unwavering dedication and passion, she successfully accomplished her goals. Her love for assisting others led her to become an invaluable guide for those seeking support. As a social media enthusiast, Daniela takes pleasure in crafting engaging contents for our platforms and offering valuable information to newcomers. If you ever require a helpful tip or advice, she is the go-to person you should reach out to.

Alan Lagunes - Marketing Coordinator

Alan, a fortunate and outgoing individual from Mexico, has had the privilege of exploring various destinations. Among them all, Canada holds a special place in his heart, as he was captivated by its rich cultural diversity and breathtaking natural beauty. At Uvanu, his primary mission is to contribute to the student community by crafting valuable contents using his talents and strategic insights, ensuring an engaging and enriching experience for everyone.

Kailey Oh - Immigration Consultant | RCIC (R707343)

She specializes in assisting international students and foreign workers in their pursuit of the Canadian dream. She takes great pride in maintaining consistent and trustworthy communication with her clients, ensuring a seamless and pleasant working experience. Kailey’s friendly and approachable demeanor makes her easy to collaborate with. She eagerly anticipates learning about your unique story and actively participating in your transformative journey towards realizing your Canadian aspirations.

Gina Shin - Immigration Consultant

From Seoul, South Korea, adores the pristine air and scorching, arid summers that Canada has to offer. As a member of the Immigration team, she assumes the crucial responsibility of guiding her clients along the most dependable routes to accomplish their aspirations in Canada. With an unwavering commitment to her clients’ immigration concerns, Gina excels at devising distinctive solutions and surmounting any obstacles or challenges that may arise along the way.

Daniela Ortega

Marketing & Community Specialist

Alan Lagunes

Marketing Coordinator

Kailey Oh

Immigration Consultant | RCIC (R707343)

Gina Shin

Immigration Consultant RCIC (R705369)

Juyeon Park - Admin Support Officer

An Administrative Support Officer at Uvanu International Consulting, recently moved from South Korea to Vancouver and has quickly embraced the charm of this magnificent city. Whether you
are embarking on a new adventure or extending your stay in Canada, Juyeon is eager to provide her assistance. She aspires to play a role in transforming your Canadian stay into a delightful reality.

Jeimy Ortega - Immigration Administrative Assistant

Together with her family from Colombia and a suitcase full of dreams, Jeimy decided to embark on a Canadian adventure in 2022. Her entrepreneurial spirit and effort have led her to position herself as one of the pillars of Uvanu. Jeimy works hand in hand with each client, making all visa and documentation processing flow as smoothly as possible.

Juyeon Park

Admin Support Officer

 Jeimy Ortega

Immigration Administrative Assistant

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