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The Co-op program in International Business Management at Cornerstone College is designed to train and prepare students academically and in practice, for positions in international business management markets.

In this academic program with cooperative practices, the student develops business skills, thus allowing them to master sales, negotiation, labor relations management, electronic commerce and international economy in a Canadian work environment.

The teaching staff of this institution is highly qualified and has extensive experience in management positions in the international trade industry. This fact makes the professors contribute with their own knowledge and practical experience in the sector, generating value for the students.

This private College was founded in 1980 with the aim of providing quality education to its students through a curriculum that combines theory and practice; It is for this reason that he specializes in English courses and professional training.

The programs of studies of Cornerstone International Community College of Canada have flexible start dates and enrollment rates with very competitive prices that attract students from all over the world. This is why the school has instructors and consultants who speak different languages besides English (Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Cantonese, French and Korean).

Cornerstone College facilities are designed for the student to interact. The groups are small in order to offer personalized attention by the instructors and ensure the development and quality training.

The International Business Management Co-op program is outlined here. 

  • BUS 2000 Corporate Business Ethics – 100h

This module is designed to make students more rigorous, critical, accurate and complete in the analysis of corporate problems and emerging frameworks for new companies. The directors, executives and managers are responsible to the interested parties and need to make ethical decisions. This course examines the background and nature of stakeholders and corporate and professional governance, providing information on the development of sound behavior patterns by managers, executives and managers.

  • BUS 2001 Strategic Business and Project Management – 200 h

Strategic Business Management is designed to illustrate the “focus of strategy” centered in Canada, and accommodate the different organizational values in business management. This course focuses on economic, political, historical and social evolution. The key strategic concepts are presented clearly and concisely. These concepts will include the SWOT analysis, the analysis of five forces, the vision of the company based on resources, the analysis of the value chain and the competitive advantage. From an exclusively Canadian perspective, the material reflects both the traditional foundations and the key issues in the importance of technologies, digital business and competitive advantages in the 21st century.


  • BUS 2002 Online Marketing Research – 100 h

This module covers methods, processes, key tactics and tools used when conducting an online, accurate and efficient marketing research. The importance of data collection, statistical information, survey techniques, sample analysis, predictions and data collection is examined. The course also covers reports and research design, as well as the understanding of valuable research tools and techniques.


  • BUS 2003 Business Network Communications – 100 h

This interactive module based on case studies introduces students to contemporary strategies of successful communication in professional contexts. Students learn to analyze an audience, a situation and a means to create messages that respond to practical challenges and forge productive relationships. Students develop sensitivity to language and tone, learn to organize and transmit ideas and information, and select the best means to achieve their purposes.


  • BUS 2004 Business Applications – 100 h

The objectives of this module are to provide the student with the necessary skills to solve and understand the problems related to the analysis of data that will be found in the commercial, accounting and office areas. Great emphasis will be placed on the application for the analysis of real-life problems, technical and journal articles, the presentation and analysis of data using calculators and statistical software, as well as spreadsheets. Class assignments will be made that require critical thinking, communication and explanation of results through verbal presentation and writing reports.


In order to access the International Business Management Co-op training program you must meet the following requirements:

High school graduation (or equivalent), or be 18 + years of age.

English level TOEFL: PBT 513 / CBT 183 / IBT 65 or IELTS 5.5

Pass the level test of Cornerstone International Community College of Canada with a level 5 or equivalent.


Duration of the program:

6 academic months

6 months of paid cooperative practices

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Starting dates:

July 3, 2018

September 4, 2018

October 29, 2018

January 7, 2019


Cornerstone has accreditations EQA (The Education Quality Assurance), PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch, AHLEI – The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute and EduCanada.

EQA  proves that the school promotes British Columbia as an educational destination. In addition, it is a hallmark for national and international students, since with these accreditation institutions that meet or exceed the quality assurance standards required by the government are recognized.

PTIB  certifies that the school meets the standards and requirements for professional certifications. Provides protection to students and oversees the Student Enrollment Protection Fund.

AHLEI accredits quality standards in training in the Hospitality area by providing online materials, distance courses, videos, seminars, textbooks and study guides.

EduCanada is a collaborative initiative between provinces and territories linked to the Council of Ministers of Education of Canada and Global Affairs Canada.  It accredits that the institution provides high-quality educational programs and follows the recognized codes of practice for international students.

Cornerstone International Community College has several campuses in the city: Richmond and Downtown. The Downtown Vancouver campus is located at 609 West Hastings Street.

Vancouver is a young city full of student life. In its streets you will see young people of different nationalities with backpacks and folders, a lot of professional Colleges, English schools and universities, that’s why Downtown Vancouver has magnificent connections with the rest of the metropolitan area. Skytrain, Bus, SeaBus and West Coast Express stops.

Close to Downtown Vancouver campus, you will also find shops and restaurants, shopping malls, Canada Place, Stanley Park, SeaWall, Chinatown, Gastown, Granville Street, Robson Street, Burrard Street, Alberni Street or the Vancouver Art Gallery in Robson Square. These are some of the most tourist attractions in the city and all of them are between 5 and 20 minutes walking.

Each year, more than 250,000 students from more than 100 different nationalities decide to come to Canada to study. The reasons? High academic standard, world recognition, affordable education, multiculturalism, safe and healthy living environment, high chances to work (a work permit is needed), and a spectacular natural environment.

If you have never visited Vancouver before, you can live an unforgettable multicultural experience in one of the best cities in the world. Its modern architecture and spectacular natural surroundings make it the perfect city to enjoy both the city life and the mountains and beach life.

Vancouver was recognized in 2012 as the best city in Canada by the Reader’s Choice Awards of Conde Nast Traveler. Its mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, ocean and natural parks make Vancouver, BC a city worth exploring.

The climate of Vancouver is mild if we compare it with the interior and / or the east coast of the country. The average temperature in summer are 14 Cº and 7 Cº in winter; although there are summer days that can reach up to 35 Cº and winter days that have been recorded -17 Cº. During the months of October to March it usually rains a lot (about 165 days a year) and there is a humidity of 70% on average.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience in a multicultural learning environment email us at  and we will give you more detailed information about the International Business Management Co-op program of Cornerstone International Community College of Canada.

If you are not sure of the program you would like to study, send us an email telling us your specific case and we will show you the different options available that best suit your educational needs and budget.

For example, Cornerstone International Community College of Canada also gives the option to study a diploma in Mobile Application Development, Graphic Design and Hospitality Management at a very competitive price in the market.


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