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Eurocentres Vancouver is an English School located in the heart of Vancouver, BC, which provides an excellent education to its students since 1990. Eurocentres has education centers in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) and U.S. (San Diego).

Although the English language is ranked third in the most spoken languages in the world, (after Chinese and Spanish) it is the ultimate international language. Speaking English will help you communicate in an international environment and will also help to improve your career.

Eurocentres has a wide variety of training programs in English. General courses of different levels, IELTS preparation, full-time IELTS, Cambridge First preparation (FCE), Cambridge First full time, Cambridge Advance (CAE), Cambridge Advance full time, TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English and even internship abroad.

The great professional experience of this institution (open since 1990) supports the education and quality techniques that have accompanied Eurocentres since its origins. That is why the students are very satisfied after attending the academic courses.

Eurocentres Vancouver is located in the downtown area and has modern, clean and bright facilities. At school, you can enjoy computer rooms with free internet access, a library of academic resources and a room where you can meet your classmates to practice your English speaking skills.

The city of Vancouver receives every year more than 250,000 students, from more than 100 different nationalities. Why do they decide to come to Canada to study? High academic standard, world recognition, affordable education, multiculturalism, healthy and safe living environment, work opportunities (a work permit is needed), and a spectacular natural environment.

Vancouver, BC is located on the west coast of Canada and is known by many as the most beautiful city in the world.  It is not surprising because it offers many options to enjoy your free time like you’ve never experienced before: lakes, mountains, rivers, islands and beaches, and all of this without leaving the metro-Vancouver.

“Eurocentres Vancouver combines the highest quality of language training with immaculate natural beauty to provide students with an impressive and successful learning experience.” Eurocentres

Canada is a wonderful country to study and work, and that is why many students extend their visa after finishing their English programs. During the spring and autumn months there usually is quite a lot of rainfall. During the winter months it snows often, however, due to the geographical location, the climate is quite mild and it does not get extremely cold as in other cities of the interior or the east coast.

Due to the multiculturalism of the city of Vancouver, the English used is quite easy to understand and use.  If you don’t have a very high English level, do not worry! In general, people are very polite and always try to help in order for the communication to be successful and comfortable.

Did you know that speaking English also helps you lower the risk of Alzheimer’s? Scientific studies claim that in the process of learning, this language helps cognitive functions and therefore prevents this type of disease. Curious eh?

If you would like to improve your level of English and benefit from all the good things that the language proficiency provides, email us at and we will help you choose the program that best suits your needs. It’s absolutely free!

We will also manage your visa (for a small fee) and advise you on everything you need in order to make your stay in Canada fabulous. Email us and know everything we can do for you for free!!!


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