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To welcome the 4716 Chinese year (our 2018), year of the dog, several events are held in Vancouver. Chinese lion dance, martial arts, music and many more … Chinatown is one of the best places to meet this interesting culture and participate in its popular event.

On Sunday, February 18, between 11 AM and 1:30 PM, the 45th edition of the Chinese New Year parade will be held in Vancouver.

The Chinese New Year Parade is a unique event that is characteristic of Chinatown where you can experience the celebration as if you were in China, without having to spend thousands of dollars on flight tickets and hotels! Enjoy the energetic and colorful Chinese lion dances, traditional music bands, martial arts exhibitions, traditional costumes and a cultural display to discover this spectacular and fascinating celebration.

If time permits, the parade can attract tens of thousands of spectators, so we recommend that you go soon to get a good spot. The tour begins at Pender St. under Millennium Gate and goes to Gore St., where it turns to return along Keefer St.

Vancouver’s Millennium gate, Chinatown.

The metropolitan area of Vancouver’s Chinatown has more than 120 years of history. Back in 1890, it already housed more than 1000 people of Chinese origin. Between 1886 and 1920 there was a significant increase in the number of immigrants coming to Vancouver, whose were housed around the area of Carral St. and Pender.St (previously known as Dupont St.) giving rise to what we now know as “The Chinatown” of the city.

For Chinese culture, the New Year is the most important event of the year. It symbolizes a new stage and the arrival of Spring.

This year is the year of the Dog. This animal symbolizes honesty, intelligence, work, and courage. According to the Chinese horoscope, this animal represents the idealized figure of the maestro, someone faithful and unconditional, “The best friend of man”. Because of this, the year will be characterized by being good for personal and professional enrichment, learning and improving along the way, moving forward and overcoming obstacles.

The Chinese calendar is lunisolar. This means that it is ruled by the regular cycles of the moon (and the sun). This calendar is quite different from the calendar we use. If you want to know how this calendar runs, click here.

To congratulate the Chinese New Year, the phrase used is: “Gong Xi Fa Cai“. It would be equivalent to the greetings of a Happy new year; it means “Congratulations for getting a great fortune” or “Congratulations for enriching yourself”. This phrase symbolizes fortune, love, health, work, happiness and good luck.

See you on Sunday at the Chinese New Year parade!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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