How can UVANU help you?

What does UVANU mean?

U-van-U (Korean company born in Vancouver in 2001) is the acronym of 3 Korean words: U (woori-nun) Van (Vancouver) U (uhakseng). The meaning is “We are international students in Vancouver”!
Perfect description, eh?

How do we work?

First, we want to know about you, your family, your goals, and your budget. Based on your profile and your needs, we come up with several options for you.  We can meet in person or through the internet. We speak different languages, so we might be able to support you in your mother tongue.

 UvanU supports you through the entire process: from the visa application to your arrival in Canada and everything in between.


How much do we charge?

Nothing! UvanU Education Consultants will give you general information about immigration and a personalized plan for your studies in Canada.

UvanU can register you to any school completely free of charge.

The education part is half of the job! What about your Immigration process? Don’t worry, at UvanU you can find IRCC Regulated Immigration Consultants who can help you. Since UvanU was born for students, our Immigration Consultants charge affordable fees.