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You might need to apply for an eTA or a TRV to come to Canada as a visitor. With this status, you are allowed to study for LESS than 6 months. You cannot work.


If you’re choosing a school program for longer than 6 months, you need a study permit. With a study permit, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, if the program is not ESL based.


There are many kinds of work permits. Let’s discuss some of them…

Working Holiday Visa

Some countries have a bilateral agreement with Canada. This visa is perfect for working and studying, gaining Canadian work experience and is a great way to begin your immigration to Canada. You will be selected randomly, so you just need a bit of luck!

Young Professional

This visa is only available for a few countries. It is similar to the WHV, but it is only for skilled workers with a valid job offer.

Open Work Permit

if your partner is studying in a public school, you might qualify for an Open Work Permit, of the same length of your partner’s study permit.

Post Graduation Work Permit Program

If you have completed a program which is longer than 8 months in a public school, or a bachelor degree in a private one, you can obtain a Work Permit of the same length of your previous study permit. You are eligible for the PGWPP only once.

Permanent Residency

This is generally the step before citizenship. You’ll have pretty much the same rights and conditions as Canadians, except for the right to vote and you will not have a  Canadian passport.

Express entry

This a federal system to get your PR, and it works the same way in all provinces of Canada. It is based on points: you need to qualify for the program available as well as have enough points to be invited to apply.

Provincial Nominee Program

Every province and territory of Canada has different needs. That’s why the PNPs differ from province to province. Similarly to the EE, you need to qualify and have enough points in order to be invited. Some of the programs might give you a Work Permit and then the PR. Some of them give you extra points that you can use towards your EE application.

Out of status

This means that your previous status in Canada expired and you are in Canada illegally. In most cases, Canada gives you 90 days to restore your status. You can choose to restore your status with another application, or leave Canada.

Every case is different. Every situation is unique. Please take this as general information and don’t compare your case to others. One tiny detail might change a person’s whole situation, and affect the kind of application he or she might qualify for.