Our Team

Education consultants

Marta Habeler
Team Manager (Europe)

When she’s happy, she bakes a lot! Bring her food and she’s going to scream with joy! Yes, everything is about food…of course: she’s Italian!

Nina Almeida
Consultant (Brazil, Portugal, Middle east, Eastern Countries)

Nina is rare and magical, like the unicorns at her office desk. She loves her family, her dog Charlotte, the ocean and Netflix.

Jorge Villota
Consultant (Spanish speaking countries)

Comes from Ecuador. He loves outdoor activities but Trail Running is definitely at the top of his list. He is committed and passionate about everything he does. If you are planning to come to Canada, just share your goals and objectives with him, he will scheme the best plan for you.

Angélica Muriel
Consultant (Spanish speaking countries)

If you want to meet someone that is always happy and smiling no matter what is going on around her! Well that’s Angelica! Off course she comes from Colombia! She is very friendly and you can have her smiling all day long only by treating her a chocolate, cookie or a warm Colombian coffee ☕️

Immigration consultants

Kay Kim
Immigration Consultant

He literally works day and night, and is always going above and beyond for his clients. However, he still finds time to be the proud starting goalie of the Vancouver Kings! If he is not working, he is probably playing Hockey! Go Kings!

Sharon Yang
Immigration Consultant

She is kind and professional at the same time. When we asked her about her favorite food, the answer was: “Well…my favorite food, anything sweet…It’s a miracle that I’m not diabetic”

Support team

Laura Baileni
Project administrator & social media expert

She will probably have a different hair color by the time you talk to her. Her passions are singing and videography. If you wish to tell her your story, she’ll be ready with a camera in your face 2 seconds after you tell her.