Build your career, study in Canada!

Do you want to have an amazing experience in an incredible country? Would you like to improve your English? Maybe you want to work in Canada, or even move here some day. UvanU will help you find the right school for you: we work with institutes all over Canada!

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Why is studying so important?

After you improve your English (link to page 01.1) or if your English is already good enough, going to college or university will open even more doors! You can find a better job, work part-time or full-time, your partner could get an Open Work Permit and your children could go to school for free.

Does studying in Canada help me with the immigration process?

Yes, you will get some extra points for your Express Entry or your PNP application

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What should I study in Canada?

Moving to a new country is no easy task, but the English language does not have to be an obstacle. We can help you make it your ally.

We are here to help!

This is just basic information. Every case is different; that’s what we are here for! Contact us to find the best solution for you!

This is a list of schools we work with. If there is a school you are interested in and you don’t see it here, please let us know!