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Victoria Day, also known as Queen’s Day, is a statutory holiday in Canada. Each year, on the Monday before May 25th, this celebration honors Queen Victoria’s birthday. In Quebec, the National Day of the Patriots or Jurnée Nationale des Patriotes is commemorated.

This celebration dates back to 1845, when the original day of birth of Queen Victoria was celebrated, May 24th.  However, in Quebec, there was an unofficial celebration honoring Adam Dollard des Ormeaux. The party was called Fête de Dollard and was held until 2003. Date on which the day of the Patriots or Jurnée Nationale des Patriotes was officially created.

This celebration has been truly Canadian, celebrated in six of the ten provinces of the country and three territories. From the year 1901, after Queen Victoria’s death, on May 24th, a commemorative date has been set and is known as the Mother of the Confederation.


But … Who is Queen Victoria?

Victoria from the United Kingdom was a British monarch. Her monarchy lasted from June 20, 1837, until her death on January 22, 1901. Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and Empress of India.

His reign lasted 63 years, 7 months and 2 days. The second longest reign in history.


How is Victoria Day celebrated?

The official protocol indicates that on this day, the Union flag should fly above all federal government buildings in the country

Many cities organize commemorative parades, with the one held in Victoria, capital of British Columbia, being the most prominent of them all. This event welcomes more than 100,000 people in its parade of floats and shows. Click here to see the parade’s schedule.

Ashbridge Bay and Ontario Place in Toronto are also very popular for their fireworks show.

In Quebec, the Patriots of the Rebellion of Canada are commemorated (1937). The Rebellion of 1837-1838 was a civil uprising between French and English settlers, originated by the class struggle, corruption, oppression, and Injustice. This historical event transcended culture and language. If you want to know more details about the history of the Quebecois Rebels click here.

New Westminster is distinguished by the colonial tradition that saved from the battery Hyack Anvil.

This date also marks the beginning of good weather in Canada. In addition, many companies take this holiday as a long weekend and their workers enjoy an extended weekend of outdoor celebration.


Happy Victoria Day!

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