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UCW is a school we highly recommend to our students for its exceptional educational level and high quality of its faculty.Also, it is located in Vancouver downtown, which is very convenient for its students since they can commute to the school through Canada Line, Sky train or buses in a fast way.

 About University Canada West (UCW)

It is a university with a clear vision: “To be a leading, respected, independent university in Canada and abroad, known for innovation and effectiveness in preparing motivated students for professional-level careers and societal leadership”.

UCW’s learning environment is dynamic and practical. Their classes are small, so you will always know your classmates and will have a better interaction with your instructors. The professors have first-hand industry experience so they don’t just repeat textbook content, they use their years of experience to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a very competitive marketplace.


What makes UCW different?

Business-oriented, teaching-intensive learning

The programs at UCW are focused on having students learn in a fast and relevant way; therefore they are designed to meet the needs of the market, ensuring the students receive the best and most current education possible.

The professors have experience in both education and industry; they are professionals who have excelled in their field and benefit the students. They will provide you case studies, context for your studies and stories about their time on the job and at the end; you will have a better idea of the industry you wish to enter.

UCW commits to support you having the adequate staff in student services to answer any questions you might have. Also, they will provide you tips or advice for your resume and will prepare you to succeed in job interviews.

Experienced faculty

The faculty of UCW is selected for its excellence in teaching, its ability to nurture new talents by developing strong relationship with its students, and knowledge of current situations in the business world. In addition to the fact that their teachers have a great deal of business experience, many of them also have good connections in leading companies in Canada. 

Faster program completion

The programs are delivered over four terms pear year, which can reduce the time you spend in school before you start in your dream job. In addition, if you have university credits recognized by UCW, you can finish your program faster than what you thought possible.


Undergraduate programs

UCW offers 2 undergraduate programs: Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication.

Bachelor of Commerce

This program of 120 credits combines the theoretical and practical learning to give you a deep comprehension of modern business. You will develop critical-thinking skills and team-building necessary to communicate in a multicultural environment.

In this link you can see the entry requirements and program structure.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication

This program of 120 credits, you will be able to develop core skills in writing and research, a global comprehension of media and communication, and an appreciation of how they work in the modern world of business.

In this link you can see the entry requirements and program structure.

Both programs are delivered through four tiers that progressively develop your knowledge, critical thinking ability, and operational skills until the students are ready for the Capstone courses that bring together everything you have learned into real-world business projects.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

 This MBA will prepare you to succeed in the global market. You will learn to know how to take challenging situations in stride, apply pragmatic solutions to problems and drive the success of your organization through informed decision-making.

This program will be delivered through four tiers, a total of 48 credits, that develop your knowledge and skill set that you are able to handler increasingly difficult problems. Team activities are an intrinsic part of the MBA, developing team skills for modern business and providing a collegial learning environment.

 Why studying an MBA?

  • Learn to construct strategic responses to business challenges and opportunities.
  • Asses the ethical implications of business activities.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate solutions to business problems.
  • Formulate business decisions and systematic analysis that reflects critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate effective skills to collaborate with diverse groups of people.
  • Lead teams through the resolution of problems and completions of projects.
  • Integrate personal values and perspective into your problem-solving, taking responsibility for your decisions.
  • Communicate ideas persuasively as a result of thorough analysis of information.
  • Gather, analyze and distribute information in a business context.

In this link you can see the entry requirements and program structure.


 Awards and scholarships

UCW offers 3 scholarships to international students for the programs earlier mentioned.

  • International Student Leaders Award: This award is for students who are dedicated to improving their home country’s economic development. Applicants should write a Personal Statement describing how receiving an award for their program of choice will affect their personal, educational, and career goals, how they intend to use their skills to contribute to the growth of their home country, and what obstacles the may face.
  • Scholarship for Academic Excellence: This scholarship is aimed at students with excellent academic grades who wish to go on to excel in their chosen field of work. They should demonstrate leadership potential in a business environment, both through their exceptional academic merit and with an established track record of excellence in their chosen career.
  • MBA Foundation Study Grant: This scholarship is subject to full payment of the MBA Foundation course fee and issued as a credit towards payment of the last course credits of the MBA program.


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