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The most ethnical city of Canada is located in the southwest of British Columbia; west coast of Canada. Vancouver has a temperate climate, friendly people, and amazing scenic views. The beauty of Vancouver attracts thousands of students every year, and many establishments offer interesting discounts on trying to catch it as a customer. 

The very first thing you need to know is that you have a lot of discounts with your Student ID!

You can find several Retail instore discounts on brands as Roots(20%), Top shop (10%); Banana Republic (15%); Club Monaco (20%); H&M (15%); Urban Outfitters (10%); Kate Spade (15%); Levi’s (15%) or Amazon (that offers 50% off on Amazon’s Prime service) among others.

Restaurants as Burger King (10%), Subway (10%), Chipotle (Free drink with your food purchase) or Organic tree coffee (10%) that offer numerous discounts and benefits as well. Our recommendation is to ask directly instore about student discounts because sometimes they don’t include this information on their websites. Some stores or restaurants don’t offer direct discounts but they have point cards or fidelity cards.

You will also find several happy hours or app promotions, for example, in Organic Tree Coffee you can take and advantage of the “Breakfast promotion: Coffee + Muffin CAD$ 3.5” until 11 am. 7eleven gives you the chance to have a free coffee every 7 coffee you purchase; you only have to download the 7eleven rewards app and scan the barcode each time you purchase something instore. That’s easy!

Commuting in Skytrain or Bus: You can save some bucks during the year if you use Compass Card instead of regular tickets. Furthermore, if you are a University of British Columbia student, Simon Fraser University, Capilano University, Langara College, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver Community College, Douglas College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, British Columbia Institute of Technology or Nicola Valley Institute of Technology student, you can also benefit from your U-pass BC that offers a convenient discount in transportation.

shutterstock_93383707Is possible to find many more transportation discounts, as for example Air Canada, that offers special promotions to students; Greyhound (10% discount) or a discounted membership in Zipcar (around CAD$ 20). If you have to travel or commute, check the website of the company you are going to travel/commute with before your purchase, probably you will find some promotion or benefit with your student ID.

Buying books: Compare the price of Textbooks. Bookstore vs online. Usually, online stores are cheaper than bookstores because they don’t have to include the intermediary’s cost in the final sell price.  Other option to save some money is to split your bill with some classmate and Share your books or rent your textbooks. Recycle is always a good option so buying used textbooks you will also be caring about the planet!

Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Shaw and Best buy offer special prices for students. If you need to buy a laptop or an electronic device check its websites or ask instore.

On the phone: Stay connected with a convenient tariff, Rogers, Bell, Telus or Freedom have great promotions for students. Compare and choose which is more convenient for you. My recommendation is to take out internet service, above all if you are arriving at the city for the very first time. Is comfortable to use the internet to commute, and to be connected with your friends and family through WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, etc. Other option to don’t spend money on the internet and be able to commute without spending mobile-data, is to download an app that allows you to use offline maps and use your WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook etc, only with WIFI connexion.

To conclude, your budgeting plan couldn’t miss taking an advantage of Student Bank account benefits. Compare the benefits of different student accounts. For example, BMO (Bank of Montreal) offers free banking and a free SPC card. Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia) offers free banking and the chance of watching Cineplex free movies with your Scene Card.

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