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Capilano University offers more than 130 different programs, all of them with a common denominator: SUCCESS.

This renowned international University describes its mission statement as:

“Capilano University is a teaching-focused university offering a wide range of programs and services that enable students to succeed in their current studies, in their ongoing education, in their chosen careers, in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge and in their contribution as responsible citizens in a rapidly changing and diverse global community.”

In this institution, the effort to instill skills, motivation, attitudes, and knowledge is essential. Seeing their students become active thinkers and effective contributors in a rapidly evolving world, has been the motivation to offer quality teaching in their classrooms.

Capilano University has known how to adapt its educational programs to social changes and current needs to succeed. The solid academic base and the commitment to innovation influenced in a good way to gain international reputation in recent years.

The natural environment, the comfortable and pleasant facilities of Capilano University and the personalized attention to the student, make the difference with other educational entities. That is why more than 11500 local and international students (from more than 74 different countries) decide to embark on their professional career studying in this University.

Within the broad educational offer of Capilano University, you can find Undergraduate Degree Programs, Graduate Programs, Carrier and Employment-oriented Programs (Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees), Preparatory Courses (ABE, EAP …) and Continuing Studies & Executive Education.

Undergraduate programs:



If you want to see a list of all the educational programs available (certificates, diplomas, degrees …) click here.

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