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Langara trains more than 21,000 students annually, making it one of the top undergraduate institutions in British Columbia. It has more than 90 programs and 1,000 courses including degrees, diplomas, certificates and post-degree diplomas. Founded in 1965, as part of the Vancouver Community College, Langara College opened the West 49th Avenue Campus in 1970 and established itself as a public university on April 1, 1994.

If you are thinking of studying at Langara College you will like to know that according to BC Student Outcomes Survey, the student satisfaction rate is 98%. 

“Choosing the right school is especially important when studying abroad. Langara College welcomes students from all over the world and our passionate International Education team supports and values every international student as an individual. From small classes to dedicated support services, we are committed to helping you find personal and academic success. “Langara College.

What is the vision, mission and corporate values of Langara?

Langara’s vision is to provide students with the academic and experiential ground to direct their course towards optimal professional development, better education and ultimately professional success.

The mission of Langara is to fulfill its vision through programs and services of high quality, adaptability, and innovation, that favors the development of the student and widely cover the educational needs of different communities and demanding groups of the educational services of Langara.

The educational plan of this institution is based on a strategic plan that covers five academic priorities. Teaching and Learning, Student Support, Initiatives Aborigines, International Initiatives and sustainability in the Financial, Social and Environmental area.

The corporate values of this institution and the academic strategy is based on 4 pillars: Excellence, Collegiality, Innovation, and Integrity.

But … What does Langara mean by saying these words (Excellence, Collegiality, Innovation, and Integrity)?

With excellence, it refers to excellence in teaching and learning; the administration of the school, and for the excellence and personal and professional success of the students.

With collegiality, it signifies welcoming diverse people, diverse cultures and perspectives, working together in favor of dignity, and mutual respect.

With innovation, Langara College means to point out its progressive disposition, its flexibility, and the willingness to new ideas, approaches, and technologies.

With the integrity value, reference is made to the prioritization and honest and transparent performance of the school, in the interest of the students. As well as for the good administration and responsibility of the good use of public resources.


What’s Langara’s culture?

Langara forms a community of students and employees committed to excellence and good education. That is why there is a 98% satisfaction rate among students.

The successful outcomes throughout the history of Langara have favored the good local and international reputation of the school. This translates into an increase of opportunities for the student, in the achievement of their personal and professional objectives.



In addition, Langara has one of the best ESL programs in Canada, outstanding student support services, opportunities to work in a real Canadian environment, University Quality Alliance programs, personalized attention to students, reduced classes, and internship opportunities. in several industries.

Here we leave the link to the Langara website for international students.

Here the link to the school Brochure in a language other than English.


At the moment, Langara College is accepting candidacies for the following dates:

  • Fall 2018 September
  • January 2019

Click here to see the list of available courses.

If you are interested in completing a Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you should know that the application deadlines are as follows.


To start in September 2018, deadline May 31.

To start in January 2019, October 31 deadline.

Nursing –

To start in January 2019, deadline May 31.


Why studying in Vancouver?

Each year, more than 250,000 students from more than 100 different nationalities decide to come to Canada to study. The reasons? High academic standard, world recognition, affordable education, multiculturalism, safe and healthy living environment, possibility to work (a work permit is needed), and a spectacular natural environment.

If you have never visited Vancouver before, you can live an unforgettable multicultural experience in one of the best cities in the world. Its modern architecture and spectacular natural surroundings make it the perfect city to enjoy both the city life and the mountains or the beach life.

Vancouver was recognized in 2012 as the best city in Canada by the Readers Choice Awards of Conde Nast Traveler. Its mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, ocean and natural parks make Vancouver, BC a city worth exploring.

In addition, the climate of Vancouver is mild if we compare with the interior and/or the east coast of the country. The average temperature in summer is 14 Cº and 7 Cº in winter; although there are summer days that can reach up to 35 Cº and winter days that have been recorded -17 Cº. During the months of October to March, it usually rains a lot (about 165 days a year) and there is a humidity of 70% on average.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience in a multicultural learning environment and you are not sure of the program you would like to study, email us at telling us your case, and we will show you the different options available that best suit your educational needs and budget.

If you decide to get help from Uvanu International, the cost will be the same as if you enrolled directly to the school. The only difference is that you will enjoy all of your consultant’s free assistance services on important matters such as visa extensions, immigration issues, job placement or any question that may arise in your daily needs such as housing, public transportation, medical insurance, information banking, libraries, etc.

In addition, you will join the UvanU family, where you will be able to do networking in our formal events, (like job seminars or immigration seminars) and informal (like our famous BBQ party in Sunset beach or the rooftop bbq parties at hi downtown).

If you want to know more about us click here and you will be redirected to the UvanU International website – section “our philosophy”.

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