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Would like to STUDY and IMMIGRATE to Canada? ECE (Early Childhood Education Basic) program at Sprott Shaw College is your ticket!!

What is ECE?images (3)
Early Childhood Education (ECE) is a study that is design to make people understand about what kind of activities and/or experiences can affect the developmental of young children from early age until around age 7. This time period is widely considered to be the most vulnerable and crucial stage of a person’s life.

Why Sprott Shaw?
In Sprott Shaw, students will develop a broad range of skills through the study and practice of our certified and approved courses (based upon the Ministry for Children and Family Development) so they will:

  • Be able to develop and lead daily activities for children
  • Be able to carefully select age-appropriate materials for young children and develop programs and activities for the important early years of learning
  • Become nurturing and understanding Caregivers/Educators, who will implement these carefully selected materials and activities to help promote the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and early literacy development in each child. Some of these exciting activities include storytelling and finger plays, music and movement, songs and games, creative arts and crafts, science and nature opportunities, along with many other activities that support children’s development and learning through play
  • Observe children and communicate professionally, when appropriate, children’s progress and/or needs with parents, other staff members and individuals involved with the child’s development
  • Attend meetings, workshops and professional development opportunities to continue their learning and progress as competent and qualified Early Childhood Educators
  • (May) also supervise and coordinate the activities of other Early Childhood Educators and ECE Assistants.

Benefits images (2)
At the end of this program the student will have developed a broad range of skills through the application and understanding of the following learning outcomes:

  • Cultural, economic, and generational influences on development
  • Main categories and methods of observational recording
  • Current licensing and registration regulations, development of policies and procedures, floor plans, and child care center design
  • Development of partnerships with parents, colleagues, and other service providers
  • Positive contemporary child guidance practices, causes and characteristics of inappropriate behaviour
  • Planning and implementing comprehensive program plans, focusing on social, emotional, cognitive, physical, language and cultural development
  • Activities to facilitate diversity and multi-cultural experiences and concepts to enhance curriculum
  • Creating a positive learning environment that includes fun and engaging music and movement activities, enhancing other learning such as language and language skills
  • The use of concepts and activities from LEAP BC 2010 Resource Booklet and recognizing movement categories and motor skills
  • Creativity and open-ended, process-oriented creative art activities and experiencesecee
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills and techniques.
  • Design newsletters and communication tools for parents, children and staff
  • Signs and symptoms of common communicable childhood illnesses
  • Goal setting, note taking, problem solving, and team work
  • Interview techniques and creating an employment package

Length of Certificate Program (Includes holidays and professional days):

Total Program Hours 1280 Hours
Full-Time Program Length 46 Weeks

Length of Diploma Program (Includes holidays and professional days):

Total Program Hours 2200 Hours
Full-Time Program Length 78 Weeks

Career Opportunities child-care-pic

  • Preschools
  • Family Child Care
  • Young Parent Programs
  • Nanny
  • Recreational Programs Childminding
  • Cruise Ships and Resorts
  • Group Child Care
  • Before & After School Care
  • Foster Parenting
  • Strong Start Facilitators
  • Supported Child Development

Program Costs (all in CND$):

Certificate Program:

Tuition $ 15,800.00
Books and Supplies $ 2,576.32
Fees $ 385.00
Registration Fee $ 350.00
Taxes $ 170.79
Total $ 19,282.11

Diploma Program:

Tuition $ 26,840.00
Books and Supplies $ 3,556.10
Fees $ 385.00
Registration Fee $ 350.00
Taxes $ 219.78
Total $ 31,350.88

You will get 20% Scholarship if you register the program through us, Uvanu International.

Admission Requirement

  • Prior to Acceptance: Grade 12 / GED or mature student status (over 19)
    (all transcripts must be “true certified copies” or originals).
  • Applicants must successfully complete the admissions interview and entrance assessments
    (with a minimum composite score of 42).
  • English level assessment will be required for International students (with a minimum score of 20/40 in language) or IELTS score 5.0.
  • Preference will be given to those who can provide letters of reference detailing volunteer or professional experience working with children indicating their suitability for working in the field of Early Childhood Education. You will also need to have an interview with an instructor/director.
  • Excellent communication skills (composition)
  • Signing a medical/criminal waiver
  • Providing physician’s waiver
  • Submitting a criminal record check (must be Public Safety & Solicitor General: Schedule B), and
  • Clear testing for TB.

(All must be done no more than three months before the start date of the program)

Intake Dates: May 23, 2016 / Jun 20, 2016 / Jul 18, 2016 / Aug 15, 2016 / Sep 12, 2016 / Oct 10, 2016

After successful completion of this certified and approved ECE Certificate Program, in order to register as an Early Childhood Educator in BC (five-year registration), you must apply to the ECE Registry for registration and provide the following:

  • An official transcript issued by Sprott Shaw College of courses completed (photocopies not accepted)
  • A letter of reference attesting to the applicant’s personal suitability to the field of Early Childhood Education and satisfactory completion of the required 500 hours of work experience, written by the supervising Early Childhood Educator with whom the applicant worked
  • Application can be made for a one-year certificate while obtaining 500 hours of work experience
  • After successful completion of one of the following courses, application can be made for Assistant Status (EC100, EC110 or EC180)

A Post-Basic diploma from Sprott Shaw College is given upon successful completion of the following:

  • Basic Early Childhood Education Certificate program
  • Post-Basic – Infant/Toddler Educator Certificate program
  • Post-Basic – Children with Exceptionalities Educator Certificate program

Canadian-immigration-1024x745For students who wants to immigrate to Canada, this program will give them higher chances in getting a Sponsorship and LMIA (which will boost their points for Immigration).

Location: Downtown Vancouver and Richmond, B.C, Canada


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