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As you well know, summer is ending. This basically means that… fall is already here!!  From September 22nd to December 21st we’ll have one of the most amazing seasons of the year in which you can keep enjoying your leisure time.

Fall has plenty of reasons to be happy and excited! In this season you will eat a scrumptious turkey and pumpkin pie while celebrating Thanksgiving, you’ll prepare your best costume for Halloween, you will eat a lot of candies and you will laugh playing scary pranks to some of your friends. TRICK OR TREAT?!?!

Thanksgiving is a statutory holiday in Canada that is celebrated the second Monday of October. Most of the locals celebrate this event at home with their families; if you’re a student, you will probably plan this day with your classmates and friends.

On October 31st, Halloween is gonna host great events and you’ll have some many chances to enjoy and have fun: from have a relaxing eve drinking hot chocolate and eating pumpkin pie to go partying with your friends in the best nightclubs of Vancouver. Halloween is one of the best occasions to hang out with your friends and for sure you’ll have so much fun!!

In autumn, particularly in the early-autumn (September – October), you can also keep enjoying your outdoor activities as hiking some interesting trails in Vancouver’s outskirts; have a walk enjoying the impressive and fabulous fall’s foliage landscape while taking stupendous pictures. Biking the seawall, going ice skating, fishing or kayaking.

Canada is one of the most gorgeous-fall of the world, so, if the next autumn is your first, you’ll be astonished by the beauty or the inspiring yellows, ochres, browns, greens, and reds of the hills. Especially in British Columbia, and Vancouver, thanks to the warmish weather you will be able to visit the numerous natural reserves where discover a wide range of feelings and colors.

And don’t forget the salmon run! The magical time when salmonswhich have migrated from the oceanswim to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn on gravel-bedsYou can see them jumping in the riverschanging their colorsswimming against the streams… Definitely a unique experience to enhance here British Columbia! To know when and where to go, you can find more info here



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