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Traveling to Canada without getting health insurance is too risky.

The costs of any hospitalization or emergency could reach quite high sums. For example, a medical appointment is $ 150; Hospitalizations $ 800 per night, $ 3,000 operations onwards, plus ultrasound, x-ray, or any additional services that would be added to the final amount. For this reason, we highly recommend arriving at the Canadian border with a previously contracted personal health insurance.

Depending on the status with which you enter the country, having a medical insurance to cover any illness that you may suffer during your stay could be mandatory. If you come with a Young Professional Work Permit (YP), Working Holiday Visa (WHV) or to study a vocational program with Co-Op/Internships you must present your health insurance documentation at the customs office.

If you only come to study English and your status as a visitor does not allow you to work in the country, probably you should also get a health insurance because nowadays all schools require their students’ insurance to cover travel and study stays.

There are many companies offering private health insurance. Even you can come with a medical insurance contracted from your country of residence, the important thing is that it covers all the needs that may arise during your stay. If you are a fan of sports and adventure, we recommend you to don’t get a basic insurance.

UvanU International recommends the private medical insurance This Canadian medical insurance is one of the most reliable because of the coverage/cost balance. The price is $2 a day and you can hire it for as long as you want with a minimum stay of 15 days.

Some of the most outstanding coverages are:

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  • Hospital 100% of charges allowed.
  • Semi-private room.
  • Private room if necessary from the medical point of view
  • X-rays, analysis 100% of charges allowed.
  • Doctor / Surgeon 100% of charges allowed.
  • Dentistry 100% of charges allowed until an accidental injury.
  • $ 4,000 for emergency dental treatment as a result of an injury caused by an accidental blow to the mouth.
  • Maternity. Serious complications of pregnancy are covered.
  • Up to $ 5,000 in transportation expenses for family members when the policyholder’s hospitalization lasts longer than 7 days.
  • Death and dismemberment $ 50,000 (optional accidental coverage available up to $ 200,000).

In Canada, there is also public health. In each Province is managed differently and the requirements for obtaining the health card vary. For example, in British Columbia, if you have obtained a Visa of more than 6 months you can apply for the Medical Service Plan (MSP).

Public health Canada covers most health costs. Medical consultations, exams, and treatments among others. However, dental and physical therapy services are not covered. The monthly fee for Canadian public health care is $ 75 for one person; $ 136 for a family of 2 and $ 144 for a family of more than 3 people.

Obtaining the health card and activating it takes about 3 months, so if you finally decide to apply to the MSP, you must contract health insurance to cover any inconvenience that may arise during the processing period.

To enjoy a healthy life remember to have physical and mental activity, rest the necessary hours, drink at least 2 liters of water a day and smile !!




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