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Welcome the New Year celebration in Vancouver, one of its fun and spectacular free events.

Canada Place

This free celebration is for all the public and ages.  The event extends throughout Canada Place Way and more specifically between Burrard St. and Howe St. where you can enjoy live music, a countdown for the little ones at 9 p.m. and countdown to 12 at night with fireworks.

In this event, there are also tickets available for restricted access areas with DJ etc. You can take a look at the website by clicking here or in the title of this section “Canada Place”.

Cheer up and welcome in the most crowded Vancouver event in Canada Place!


Polar Bear Swim

Feel like a polar bear bathing on the beach on January 1!

To participate in this fun and crazy race of 100 Yards:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to think about your disguise! A fun event is much more fun if you wear a costume, and here, it could not be less!
  2. Download the participation form here
  3. Print it
  4. Fill in your data
  5. Save it until the day of the event.
  6. Polar Bear Swim is held on Monday, January 1, 2018 at 2:30 pm at English Bay, remember to take your completed form and present it to the members of the organization.
  7. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank will accept donations in cash and non-perishable food. Be generous and generous!

The Vancouver Polar Bear club is one of the largest and oldest in the world. The first swim at this time of the year dates back to 1920, when a small number of brave swimmers resisted the cold and took a bath in English Bay. Since then, every New Year new brave people have been joining, reaching a record of 2,550 people in 2014.

The advice given by the Polar Bear club to successfully survive this adventure are:

– If you have heart problems, just look!

– Children should not swim. They must stay with an adult.

– Please, leave your puppy at home.

– Do not drink, alcohol does not heat, accelerates hypothermia.

– Do not stay in the water for more than 15 minutes. The heat of the water is lost 25 times faster in the water than in the air.

– Do not take off your clothes until you go swimming! The swim will start with a flag and a siren.

– Participants in the 100-yard race will be on the first line on the north side (Stanley Park side) of the venue.

– The first 3 swimmers to touch the buoy that marks the end of the race must give their name to the lifeguard who will be in the lifeboat.

– After swimming, request your commemorative detail of the event at the registration table.

– Do not forget to warm up the body with coffee or hot chocolate!

If you are an adventurer you cannot miss this event, and you can even go to both!

Happy New Year!!

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