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Looking for a CAREER to bring back to your HOME country?

Live/Study/Work in one of the most liveable cities in the world and experience the cultural melting pot for the arts. As Hollywood North, it is a hub for TV, Film, Movie Making and Make-Up Creation. Vancouver also being ranked as the healthiest city in North America and the fourth healthiest in the world. Making this a city that booms with cultural diversity, experiences and a wellness lifestyle. Making it the perfect home for New Image College, and the perfect place to call home while you study.

We have 3 different Diploma Co-op programs and 1 Certificate Co-op program for international students who are passionate to build their career at New Image College in Vancouver:

  1. Spa Technician Diploma Co-opNI
    Program Length: 22 Months (94 Weeks)
    (Study Period: 47 Weeks / Co-op Work Period: 47 Weeks)

This Diploma program covers all aspects of esthetics like the face, the body, the nails, knowledge about the latest products, as well as techniques and procedures used in the industry today. The students will learn all the necessary theoretical and practical skills required to work in a fully functional spa, and we have a section dedicated to learning salon business. You will have the ability to perform all the learned techniques as well as demonstrate your experience with customer service and salon business during work period. You can legally work in a nail salon, a spa, at private events, with skin-care retail, and more.

Tuition: CAD $ 18,500 (includes Registration Fee: $1,000)

  1. Fashion & Film Make-Up Design Diploma Co-opNII
    Program Length: 2 Year (100 Weeks)
    (Study Period: 50 Weeks / Co-op Work Period: 50 Weeks)

Our in-depth 100 week Fashion & Film Make-Up Design Co-op Diploma program begins with beauty fundamentals, preparing our students for film, TV, and stage applications. After learning all the beauty and fashion aspects, our students will proceed into out-of-kit effects and finally into the most advanced prosthetics effects make-up program in Western Canada: Movie Make-Up and Monsters. Along this extensive journey, students will discover their inner talents as our instructors prepare them for work in the professional field of make-up artistry like make-up for beauty, bridal, fashion, run-way, TV, film, and stage including the very specialized industry of advanced prosthetics effects make-up. The students will prepare a unique, professional portfolio and resume as tools to enter into work force with confidence.

Tuition: CAD $ 23,850 (includes Registration Fee: $1,000)

Co-op-PDF2mb_-1-7  3. Nail Technician Diploma Co-op
Program Length: 10 Months (40 Weeks)
(Study Period: 20 Weeks / Co-op Work Period: 20 Weeks)

This is an intense 40 week course that will give you both the theory and practical knowledge. The first 20 weeks are going to be a study period where students will have the opportunity to practice their learned skills with real clients daily at our student salon. That type of experience builds their confidence not only on their nail technician skills, but also on their ability to deal with customer service. Additionally, their comfort with retail sales will grow as well as with speaking the English language. The following 20 weeks are dedicated to the Co-op work term where you will be practicing your skills and learning to be business savvy to work in any nail salon in Canada focusing on nail care and artificial nail enhancement.

Tuition: CAD $8,500 (includes Registration Fee: $1,000)

Co-opbeautymake4. Beauty Makeup Artist Co-op (Certificate)
Program Length: 6 Months (26 Weeks)
(Study Period: 13 Weeks / Co-op Work Period: 13 Weeks)

The students will learn how to most effectively highlight an individual’s natural beauty over the course of the 13 week study period. Training begins with the beauty make-up fundamentals and make-up applications for day, night, and glamour. Following that section will be a thorough look at bridal make-up, hair design, and finally the advanced techniques of airbrush application for either beauty or fantasy. After they finish the study period, they will enter the Co-op work period where they can become a freelance make-up artist for private events, work in the rewarding bridal industry or join a beauty/cosmetic counter as a beauty consultant or sales representative.

Tuition: CAD $9,500 (includes Registration Fee: $1,000)

(Most program tuition’s includes all kits, books, supplies, class materials, tablets, theatre/film productions and NIC Talks unless otherwise stated)

Whatever the program that you choose, it will be an incredible experience in Canada that you could bring back to your home country to launch your professional career or even you can use the experiences that you get to start your own business.

Location: 1500-510 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC


For more information please contact us at or WhatsApp! (ID: 1 604 618 5877)


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