New career in the Healthcare Community in Vancouver?

New career in the Healthcare Community in Vancouver? Acute Care Aide can be your first option!


This 64-week of Acute Care Aide (ACA) Co-op Work Experience Diploma program consists of small group, licensed instructor led classes, supervision of clinical experience and practicum placements. Most eligible students will become a full time worker right after graduation.

Also this program is designed for all students including International Students, Landed Immigrants, In-Home and Live-In Caregivers to specifically focus on Health Care Assistant and Acute Care Aide curriculum and practical experience. This program also helps Provincial Care Facilities to alleviate acute trained staff shortages.


Program Overview: 3 modules delivered over a period of 64 weeks (16 months) in duration

Module 1 – Health Care Assistant Certification

  • 777 hours BC Provincial HCA curriculum (31 wks)
  • Group Clinical
  • Community-based Clinical
  • Preceptored Practicum

Module 2 – Paid Co-Op Work Experience

  • 600 hours in approved BC Health Authority facility (23 wks)
  • Why 600 hours? – Minimum practical work experience required by BC Health Authority to enter public facility Acute Care ward for clinical practicum and ACS theory
  • Who arranges the placement? – Pacific Coast Community College with established partners
  • What is monitoring? – Monthly 1:1 meetings with Proctor, student and site supervisor

 [Module 2 is PAID Co-Op Work Experience]

  • 600 hr x ($15 to $22.80/hr) = CAD $9,000 to CAD $13,680

(Entire ACA Diploma Tuition = CAD $16,008)

  • Employment typically under Hospital Employee Union
  • Pick up the phone when you are called

Module 3 – Acute Care Skills & Final Exams

  • 120 hours theory & clinical practicum BC Health Authority public facility (10 wks)
  • Prerequisite? – Minimum 600 hours of practical, validated work experience in BC
  • Who arranges the placement? – Pacific Coast Community College through BC Health Net
  • Where is the clinical placement? – Neuroscience & Medicine Acute Care Ward, Vancouver General Hospital




BC Needs You!

Here is projected unemployment rate in BC!

2010 – 4.3% / 2015 – 3.1% / 2020 – 2.0%

Here is a projected job opening between 2010 and 2020: 24,100

% job openings from replacement: 52%

% job openings from expansion: 48%

The ACA graduates can definitely take advantage of numerous in-demand job markets catering to the healthcare industry. As current healthcare providers look to retire, a number of fields are in need of new, well-trained employees.

If you are looking for new career in the Healthcare Community in Vancouver BC, this Acute Care Aide can be your first option. Most importantly, you don’t need any medical background to enter this program and IELTS requirement is 6.0 either Academic or General. Also you will be able to recover most your tuition during your paid co-op work experience.

For more information contact us at or WhatsApp! (ID: 1 604 618 5877)

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  1. Beneta Reneta Graham says:

    Am from Jamaica and would like to apply to your college. I have a City and Guild’s Diploma in Practical Nursing.

    • Laura says:

      Hello Beneta. Thank you for your message. If you could please send us a message on, we will be glad to help you with updated information. Please notice we are not a school but as an education agency we do help international students find the perfect school for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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