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If your dream job is to work as a nurse, the International Licensed Practical Nurse Program (LPN) at Sprott Shaw College Vancouver will provide you with the necessary skills to be a successful professional in the industry.

By training as a Licensed Practical Nurse, you will learn how to use your professional skills to make ethical and correct decisions; you will acquire problem-solving skills and will learn how to think critically and analytically in order to work safely in your practices to patients.

Sprott Shaw College is committed to an education that combines theory and practice. This ensures you to learn and develop the necessary skills, to be able to carefully select the most convenient nursing practices at each moment.

The program has a duration of 75 weeks distributed in 4 levels/courses in which you will learn different techniques that will qualify you for the practice of nursing care in an emergency, geriatric and domiciliary settings. Besides that, the program is 100% in English, which will improve your English language skills if you’re not a native English speaker.

During the program, you will learn how to evaluate and control patients in various environments and medical care situations; how to administrate medications to patients and monitor their effectiveness; How to document evaluations and make monitoring and control reports; How to plan and execute a rehabilitation therapy, or how to educate your patients in their habits for better health (among others).

The distribution of the four courses/levels and their subjects is the following:

Level 1 – Duration: 20 weeks  (515 hours)

  • Career and Professional Development 20 h
  • Program Preparation 25 h
  • Orientation 25 h
  • Professional Practice 1 25h
  • Professional Communication 1 35h
  • Variations in Health 1 40h
  • Health Promotion 1 30h
  • Pharmacology 1 30h
  • Integrated Nursing Practice 1 135h
  • Consolidated Practice Experience 1 (Clinical) 90h
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology 60h

Level 2 –  Duration: 18 weeks (455 hours)

  • Professional Practice 2 20h
  • Professional Communications 2 30h
  • Variations in Health 2 45h
  • Health Promotion 2 30h
  • Pharmacology 2 30h
  • Integrated Nursing Practice 2 180h
  • Consolidated Practice Experience 2 (Clinical) 120h

Level 3 – Duration: 12  (306 hours)

  • Professional Practice 3 20h
  • Professional Communications 3 20h
  • Variations in Health 3 45h
  • Health Promotion 3 36
  • Integrated Nursing Practice 3 120h
  • Consolidated Practice Experience 3 (Clinical) 65h

Level 4 –Duration: 18 weeks  (494 hours) 

  • Professional Practice 4 20h
  • Professional Communications 4 20hP
  • Variations in Health 4 50h
  • Health Promotion 4 24h
  • Integrated Nursing Practice 4 180h
  • Consolidated Practice Experience 4 (Clinical) 20h

Preceptorship – Duration: 7 (235 hours)

  • Transition to Preceptorship 30h
  • Preceptorship 180h
  • Exam Preparation 25


Grade 12 transcript GED, ABE or equivalent

Admission interview + interview with the director/coordinator.

Mathematics and SSC PN language test with a minimum score of 30/40 for language and 40/50 for mathematics.

English proficiency: Applicants must meet the requirements set by CLPNBC (College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC)

Other requirements

Word processing and computer skills are required to access the program.

Fundamental courses in mathematics, biology, psychology, and sociology are a plus.

Flexible time availability (for the execution of shifts during the preceptorship stage)

Experience in Healthcare volunteering or similar highly recommended.

Cost of the International Licensed Practical Nurse program:

Program C $ 33,897

Registration C $ 350

Fees C $ 612.17

Books and supplies C $ 3,042.52

Fees C $ 229.64

Total: C $ 38,131.23

If you would like to become a Practical Nurse in the LPN program at Sprott Shaw College Vancouver, email us at for further information. We will help you to obtain a student and work permit visa and we will advise you on everything you need so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Email us and get to know everything we can do for you for free!!!

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