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KPU is a polytechnic university that provides students with a blend of traditional academic theory and career-focused, applied learning. Its students develop strong theoretical foundations and are equipped with practical skills that allow them to apply what they learn in the workplace and in the community. This combined approach to education prepares students for success in their lives and their career.

Located in Metro Vancouver, it is a public and accredited university that attracts students from around the world. More than 20,000 students benefit from 4 modern and accessible campuses.


Often referred to as the “main campus”, is the largest of the 4 campuses and is easily accessible by public transit. The campus is home to an array of programs and student services including a dedicated fitness centre, gymnasium, café, student lounges and study spaces for our 9,500 Surrey students.


Offers a wide range of business, arts, and design programs, is currently expanding and construction is underway on the new Chip and Shannon Wilson of Design. The campus hosts 6,500 students.


This campus is all about hands-on learning and 3,000 students can be found learning in these spaces. With dedicated green space, including nurseries and flower beds, there are plenty of opportunities for students to put their skills into practice.


It is dedicated to trades and technology, including apprenticeships, foundation training, and technical career programs. 900 students utilize the 21 workshops, 27 classrooms, and multiple computer labs.


What you can find on ALL 4 campuses:

  • Libraries
  • Study spaces
  • Multi-faith spaces
  • Cafeterias
  • Bookstores
  • Computer Labs
  • Learning Centres (with tutoring)
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • KPU Student Association facilities and services

Classrooms features

KPU teaching spaces are designed to meet the needs of our unique programs, and benefit our students.

Campus features include:

KPU Surrey

  • Visual Arts Studios and Public Art Gallery
  • Science Labs
  • Computer Simulation Technology in Pyschology labs
  • Fitness Centre and Gymnasium

KPU Richmond

  • Production & Sewing Labs
  • Graphic Design Computer Labs
  • Science Labs

KPU Langley

  • Botany Lab and Greenhouses
  • Simulation Technology in Nursing Lab
  • Music Studios and Performance Spaces

KPU Tech

  • Farrier Barn
  • Automotive Shop
  • Carpentry Shop
  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting labs

kpu 3


More than 250,000 students have studied at KPU since they first opened their doors over 30 years ago. Kwantlen welcomes you to join their community for an unforgettable education and life experience.

What makes KPU so unique?

Embrace diversity

It embraces diversity and proudly offers a friendly and multicultural environment.

Personalized education

It is student-focused with small class sizes and opportunities to engage with others.

Experiential learning

It provides a wide range of learning internships, study abroad opportunities, field schools and co-operative education.

 Innovative programs

They strive to offer you an educational experience you won’t find elsewhere and proudly offer unique programs exclusive to KPU.

Employment ready

Students that graduate with a KPU credential are ready to work! It’s programs are designed to give you professional work experience either through co-op education or program practicums. These experiences ensure you are prepared to enter the work force as soon as you graduate.

Quality university experience

We want your experience at KPU to extend beyond the classroom! KPU offers opportunities for students to get involved in a wide variety of activities.

In this link you can see all programs offered by KPU.

Contact us at, or if you are already in Vancouver, come to our office located at 405 -609 W Hastings St. Monday to Friday 10 hrs to 18 hrs.

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