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Granville Island is a surprising place! From painted trucks (with very curious drawings), excursions to see whales, rent a boat or eat lobster, to handmade workshops of brooms, furniture, puppets, ice cream or Sake. Enjoy the charm of this place full of life and its wide options of leisure, shopping, and gastronomy. Granville Island  is a must-see in Vancouver!Floating Homes

Sea Village forms one of Vancouver’s most spectacular unique communities. This collection of houseboats located between Pier 32 and Granville Island Hotel has been part of False Creek since the 60’s.

False Creek Community Center 

False Creek Community Center offers a wide range of leisure possibilities for adults, children, and seniors. Tennis, Yoga, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Cardio, Fitness, Dance or Tai Chi are some of the activities that can be practiced in their facilities.

Refresh in the Water Park

Granville Island Water Park is a classic, if you are going to receive visits with children during the summer it is a good place to have fun. It has 2 slides and several fountains. The opening hours are from 10 am to 6 pm and are available on weekends beginning in May and every day from July to September.


If you like art you are lucky, since in Granville Island you will find professionals in sculpture, painting, ceramics, glass, wood, aboriginal art or jewelry as well as furniture and textile designers or art galleries, among others. Click here for more info.

Artisan Sake

Artisan Sake maker is located in Railspur District to name the first artisan sake boutique in Canada. Artisan Sake Maker is owned by Sakemaker Masa Shiroki

Experiment the local drink

Granville Island has the first microbrewery in Canada, founded in 1984. If you like beer you have to try the fine beers of Granville Island Brewing Co. At Cartwright St.

On the contrary, you are more wine fan, you should visit Liberty Wine Merchants, in Net Loft, where you will find a great selection of exceptional and quality wines.

If you want some fun like in a cocktail party, then you should visit The Liberty Distillery in Railspur District and try their tasting room.

Public Market

Founded in 1979, Granville Island Public Market offers visitors an extensive variety of quality products. From cakes, cheeses, fruits, meats, and vegetables, to handicrafts, the public market is an excellent place to mix the locals and enjoy a local atmosphere.

In this post, it’s shown some of the most curious options that Granville Island offers, but on its website, you can find many more activities, and even give you the option to create a personalized plan by answering a short and simple test. Take advantage of this useful tool and design a plan adapted to your needs and wants! Enjoy it!

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* Photo of silos of the former industrial Granville Island transformed into art by two famous street artists Os Gemeos


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