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In British Columbia, all residents must have a Government ID. This ID issued by the government will allow you to streamline procedures and enjoy some benefits and discounts as a BC resident.

Obtaining this document is very simple, and if you are going to reside +6 months it will allow you to streamline many of the daily activities such as completing an application, doing government procedures, renting a car or a hotel room, hiring services (internet, telephone …) or collect a check.

There are four categories that can require having the British Columbia ID: Residents; Dependents; First Nation Residents; Individuals. If you are reading this blog you will probably find yourself in the category “Other individuals in British Columbia”.

The category “Other individuals in British Columbia” includes students and people who have a Visa, Work Permit or Working Holiday Visa with a validity period of +6 months.

To start the process of getting the ID, it is necessary to submit your Student Permit, Work Permit or Working Holiday Visa, and your passport to the Government Office located in Burrard St. (cross) Georgia St.

  1. When you arrive at the office you have to communicate to the paperwork assistant that you would like to request the BC Government ID. They will provide you a turn-number and a questionnaire.
  2. Fill-in your personal information and wait for your turn.
  3. When your turn comes, go to the announced position and provide the person in charge the previously completed questionnaire, your visa, and your passport.
  4. The Government ID will be sent to the address you have indicated in the personal data questionnaire.

It is that easy!

Once you receive the new identification documentation, just add it to your wallet and leave the identity document of your country of origin at home. In this way, you will be preventing the situation of being undocumented in a foreign country in case you lose your wallet.

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