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[av_three_fourth first]WORKSHOP: Arbutus College will offer a workshop for explain all related with Co-op visa and how you could build your career. Come with us and obtain great benefits.[/av_three_fourth]

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Co-op programs are still available. With high intermediate level of English, students will be able to enter Arbutus College and start to build you new career.

Hospitality Management Co-op 3+3 & 6+6,

Business Management Co-op 6+6

International Trade Co-op 6+6

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You should attend because you will receive:

  • Career Planning Development
  • Professional Work Practicum
  • Work While Studying
  • FREE Casual Job Workshop
  • Extended Promotion until Oct 31, 2014
  • $200 Application Fee Waived
  • Refreshment provided
  • Real Experience from Intern Student & Employers (Hilton Whistler and Canada Export Center)

Come to check out Arbutus Co-op programs and receive a $200 application fee waived when you register one of programs!. This is an excellent opportunity to receive up to date information on the college and ask any questions you may have.

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