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You chose to come to Canada … Now what? ….. It’s time to have fun!!

If you enjoy extreme activities and sports, read on!

In this post, we will outline the most popular adventure and extreme activities in British Columbia. 3 … .2 …… 1…. Jump!

Bungee Jumping

This sport is one of the riskiest. The Bungee Jumping practice consists of jumping from a considerable height, (usually from a bridge or a crane) holding the body only by the feet.

If you are one of those who likes the risk, you will need to try this sport at least once in your life.

  • Where to go:

Whistler Bungee 

WildPlay Nanaimo



Climbing, like all adventure sports, causes your central nervous system to secrete adrenaline.

Did you know that adrenaline acts as a neurotransmitter and causes an acceleration in your heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure and metabolism? This stimulation makes our body respond psychically and mentally to emergency situations.

Climbing is a complete sport.You need to be 100% ready physically and mentally. If you are one of those who likes to train mental and physical balance, this is your sport!

Go try it!

  • Where to go:

In this website, you will find a list of all the places where to practice climbing. Rock climbing 

* If your passion is adventure sports and you would like to work as a Biking, Climbing, or Alpine Guide, we recommend the certified programs of Whistler Adventure School (WAS). 


British Columbia was the pioneer in the practice of heli-skiing, more than 40 years ago. It is accessed by helicopter to an intact alpine area of virgin snow-dust that ensures an epic and unforgettable experience. An adrenaline rush in which to enjoy the backcountry-Ski / Snowboard in its purest state!!

Currently, you can find more than 20 companies that offer this activity. There are different promotional packages that offer accommodation too, although, if you would like to go for a day trip, it is also possible.

This activity is highly recommended for those who dare to descend through the wilderness!

Take advantage and practice this adventure sport before the season ends!

  • Where to go:

The Bighorn at Revelstoke 

Bella Coola Heli-Skiing

Canadian Mountain Holidays

Great Canadian Heli-skiing 

Last frontier heli

Purcell Heli-skiing 

Selkirk- Tangiers

Wiegele Resort 


This French-origin sport is very novel. This physical discipline was invented only 15 years ago by Sebastian Foucar and David Belle, who dealt with the lack of playgrounds and decided to take the city as an adventure playground.

If you are one of those who jumps and likes to do impossible pirouettes, you have to try it!

  • Where to go:

Origins Parkour 

Apex Adventure plex 

Hastings Park Origins Parkour 

Kame House Parkour for Home Learners 

Penzer Park, Langley 

Rotary Trials Park, Port Moody 


This adventure sport dates back to 1797 when in France, the first parachute jump was made by the aeronaut André-Jacques Garnerin. With time and technological improvements, this sport has become a very popular activity that can be done by almost anyone.

Are you ready to feel the happiness? Due to the segregation of endorphins, the experience of flying / floating in the air together with the release of adrenaline and energy, make the person who dares to jump feel very very very good.

  • Where to go:

Capital city Skydiving 

Pacific Airsports

Skydive Vancouver 

Skydive Vancouver Island 

Okanagan Skydive 

Victoria Skydiving 

Whistler Skydiving 


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