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If your passion is the education and care of the little ones, the Early Childhood Education Basic program of Sprott Shaw College  Vancouver will provide you the necessary skills to be a successful professional in the industry.

By training as a preschool educator, you will learn how to develop educational games and storytelling, creative arts and crafts, activities related to nature or sciences among others.

In addition, you’ll develop the knowledge to monitor and evaluate student progress and communicate in a professional manner with parents, and/or those involved in the child’s development.

During the program, students will also learn to adapt to activities in the most convenient way to promote emotional, social, physical, cognitive, reading and writing development learning.

Sprott Shaw College is committed to an education that combines theory and practice. In this way, the student develops the necessary skills to later know how to carefully select the activities that will educate the little ones in their first years of learning.

After completing this program of 46 weeks (1280 hours), you will have developed different skills through the use and understanding of the different subjects of study:

  • Cultural, economic, and generational influences on development
  • Main categories and methods of observational recording
  • Current licensing and registration regulations, development of policies and procedures, floor plans, and child care center design
  • Development of partnerships with parents, colleagues, and other service providers
  • Positive contemporary child guidance practices, causes, and characteristics of inappropriate behavior
  • Planning and implementing comprehensive program plans, focusing on social, emotional, cognitive, physical, language and cultural development
  • Activities to facilitate diversity and multi-cultural experiences and concepts to enhance curriculum
  • Creating a positive learning environment that includes fun and engaging music and movement activities, enhancing other learning such as language and language skills
  • The use of concepts and activities from LEAP BC 2010 Resource Booklet and recognizing movement categories and motor skills
  • Creativity and open-ended, process-oriented creative art activities and experiences
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills and techniques.
  • Design newsletters and communication tools for parents, children, and staff.
  • Signs and symptoms of common communicable childhood illnesses
  • Goal setting, note taking, problem-solving, and teamwork
  • Interview techniques and creating an employment package


Cost of the International Program

  • Tuition $15,800
  • Registration Fee $350
  • Fees $385
  • Books and Supplies $2,584.92
  • Taxes $151.05

Total 19,270.97

* Prices in Canadian dollars.


The Early Childhood Education Basic program will allow you to work in group or family child care, nanny, recreational programs, cruises and/or resorts among others.


If you would like to study this program at Sprott Shaw College Vancouver, and learn the key aspects of preschool education, email us at international@uvanu.com and we will help you to study in Canada.

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