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The cover letter, also known as application letter, always accompany your résumé with the aim of convince readers to have a look at your résumé. 

Whenever you apply to a job uploading your résumé online, by email, hand-deliver or mail you should attach a cover letter to catch the reader attention and persuade him/her to have a look at your résumé. A successful cover letter must include information about WHO is sending it, WHY you´re sending it and HOW they can benefit from reading it.

This document must be written with the same care that your résumé because it put in touch with the company for the very first time. You mustn’t skimp on time when planning it. Planning is the most important step when writing a successful cover letter. To Research about the company’s needs, vision, mission and corporate values help you to establish common ground with the company and it shows that you’re well-informed about what is going on in the industry.

You should get the attention in the introductory paragraph including relevant and accurate information about how your skills and qualifications can benefit the company; build interest and desire demonstrating how well you can fit in and meet the job requirements; Finally, you should motivate readers to take action; read your résumé and politely encourage to contact you for an interview.

shutterstock_164544899There are two different types of application letters: Solicited cover letter and unsolicited cover letter. The first one is used to apply for an identified job opening. The second one is used when the writer takes the initiative to contact the company and a job opening position hasn’t been announced. Unsolicited cover letters aren’t expected to receive it so the indirect approach is a wise choice to get the reader´s attention and convince them to read your résumé.

A poorly written cover letter can prompt employers skip over your résumé so impress them showing acknowledge and professionalism instead. Is better to address the letter with the name of an individual manager instead of use “Dear Hiring Manger”; nowadays we can research LinkedIn, Twitter, company’s website and industry directories to address to the person concerned by him/her name.

You shouldn’t write about salary history or requirements in your cover letter except if it was required for the employer before. As an alternative use a business-appropriate tone and project confidence without bragging. And adapt the message for cultural variations if needed.



  • Planning, planning and planning!
  • Research about the company to create common ground and grab reader’s attention (1st paragraph)
  • Address the letter mentioning the name of the person in question.
  • Show how your skills can benefit the business with a catchphrase.
  • Include accurate and relevant information – who – what – when – where – why- how describing your understanding of the job’s requirements and how you can fit in.
  • Demonstrate that you’re well-informed about the company’s needs
  • Respectfully ask for an interview and make it easy to respond giving all the contact information.
  • No more than 3 – 4 paragraphs




Your mailing address



Company Name

Company Mailing address


Dear Hiring Manager:  (Is better to write the name of the person concerned)

4th First Paragraph

The first sentence must grab the attention and create common ground with the company. It must show acknowledge of the company and industry. When you’re applying to a specific open job position you must identify it. If you are writing an unsolicited cover letter speak directly to the company’s needs.

5th Body of the letter

Highlight your skills and personal qualities that aren’t specifically in your résumé and emphasize how well you can fit in the company and meet the possible requirements. You can reference your résumé. Is necessary to build interest and desire to know more about your experience and background.

6th Close

Motivate readers to take action by asking politely for an interview. You can include here your contact information.




Your name and surname




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