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If you’re living in Vancouver, or you’re going to visit the city soon, these are some of the brunch you have to try.

The word brunch is formed from the union of Breakfast and lunch. Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch

As its name suggests, it is a mixture between breakfast and lunch, and not only for the food that is eaten during this meal but also for the time of day in which it happens (between 11 am and 1 pm).

Depending on the restaurant you can find different types of food and dishes. The most popular are Eggs Benedict, however, we can also find Waffles, sausages, toasts, vegetables, meat, fish or pancakes.


If you decide to try their delicious and succulent dishes, be advised you will have to wait for a while, since the rule is “First come, first served” and they don’t take reservations.

Your customer service hours are from 8 am to 3 pm including holidays. The average waiting time to be attended is usually about 30 minutes. When a free table is left they will go to the next one in the row, and once inside they will attend you very kindly.

The favorites are the Eggs Benedict, but toasts, omelet, and the Pancakes are very popular as well. There’re also some vegetarian options and salads.

The payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Debit, and Cash.

Where to go?

This popular restaurant is located at 556 Betty Street.

Click here to see its menu and prices.

For more info contact the restaurant (+1) 778-379-1992;  Or visit his website


The mezcalería is a Mexican restaurant. It was founded in 2013. Its dishes offer original flavors from different Mexican regions. The ingredients? Organic

What to eat? Ceviches, seafood, meat, and vegetables. There is a veggie option.

Brunch is available on weekends.

The slogan of the mezcalería is “Para todo mal, mezcal. Para todo bien, también”  (For all bad, mezcal. For everything good, too) so you know, whether you have a good or a bad day, mezcalería is always a good choice!

Where to go?

Commercial drive. From Monday to Thursday from 5 pm until late. Friday from 11 am until late. Saturdays and Sundays from 10 are until late.

Gastown. From Tuesday to Thursday from 5 pm until late. From Friday to Sunday from 11 am until late. Closed Monday.

Click here to see its menu and prices.


This restaurant is located in the heart of East Vancouver. It offers different culinary options of Mexican inspiration, handmade, and vegetarian food.

The owners Jackie-Rae Avery and Aiyana Kane, are two friends who were dedicated to teaching, and after several trips to Mexico and California (where they discovered and investigated the wonderful world of tacos) they realized that they wanted to set up a restaurant and offer to his clients delicious recipes made with a lot of love and passion.

After much effort, dedication and several adventures, Jackie-Rae Avery and Aiyana Kane, in 2009 managed to open the doors of what is now Bandidas. Where all the dishes are made from scratch.

Daily lemon squeezed, tortillas pressed minutes before reaching the plate, and a team of more than 40 employees will stimulate your senses to enjoy a pleasant experience.

Where to go? 2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Click here to see its menu and prices.

For more info contact the restaurant (+1) 604-568-8224;  Or visit their website


Since 1988 Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe offers freshly prepared homemade dishes in a space with a unique eclectic decor. It is also hosting expos of national and international works of art such as Sonny Assu, Eric Metcalfe, Fred Herzog, Victor Nowicki or Ken Lum.

What to eat? Eggs Benedict, Omelettes, salads, burgers, waffles, toasts, pancakes, fruits.

The breakfast menu is served from 8 am to 5 pm.

Something I really like about this restaurant is that they only use BC Free Range Eggs =)

Surprise yourself with the vintage touch of Sophie’s Cosmic Café and its large portions dishes. As Jim Dikeakos (Owner and Founder) says  “Come fill your belly and say hello!”

Click here to see its menu and prices.

Where to go?

Sophie’s Cosmic Café is located in the heart of Kitsilano on the 4th with Arbutus (2095 West 4th ave.)

For more info contact the restaurant (+1) 604 732 6810;  Or visit their website


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