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Bowen Island. This small island located 25 km northwest, is one of the natural gems of Greater Vancouver. If you like nature, the sea, and enjoying incredible views, you can’t miss it!

To access the spectacular Bowen Island It is necessary to take a ferry at the Horseshoe Bay ferry station (West Vancouver) and in only 20 minutes you will enjoy a stunning natural paradise!

Visiting this Island is a must for Vancouver’s tourists. This is a 52 Km2 island of 3,360 approx. inhabitants. Bowen is known for the motto “Within Reach, Beyond Comparison”. This is due to its unique and spectacular natural environment, where you can enjoy the ocean, the beauty of the protected bays, and the sandy beaches that make you feel in Eden.

Also, if love to hike or bike, you can enjoy majestic views while walking the trails of Mount Gardner or Lake Killarney. You can decide whether to enjoy a walk in the purest peace or to face a mountain challenge in which to test the adventurer inside you. Bowen Island offers a wide range of different adventures, all with the same thing in common: nature in its purest form.

If you visit Bowen Island you will appreciate the relaxed and rural lifestyle of the locals. Art is very rooted in this area, which is why it is considered the fourth artistic community per capita in Canada. Writers and musicians like Michael Ondaatje, Nick Bantock or Barney Bentall (among others) have resided in this wonderful Island. In Bowen, Art and culture are synonymous with value.

The film industry has taken advantage of the beautiful surroundings of Bowen Island and the impetus for art and culture; and that’s why numerous movies and television series have been recorded such as The Russia House with Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Connery, The Clan of the Cave Bear with Darryl Hannah, The Wicker Man with Nicholas Cage and Ellen Burstyn, Double Jeopardy by Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd or the horror tv show 13.

Thanks to the cultural passion of the neighbors, several cultural and sports events are held throughout the year. Kayaking and sailing races, the Bowen Writers’ Festival Write On!, Bowfest, AppleFest, or Light-Up festival.

The first cabins and houses were built at the end of the 19th century because of European colonization. Bowen Island became very popular as a summer resort for residents of the Vancouver area; Until the 1950s the Union Steamship company was responsible for hosting tourists and visitors on cruises with dinners and shows.

From 1958, the regular ferry service with vehicle transit was introduced, which marked a before and after. Since then, the island became a “dormitory town”. Currently, many of the residents continue to use the island as a dormitory.

Bowen Island is one of my favorite places in Vancouver. If you like the ocean, I recommend you to take the Horseshoe Bay ferry on a sunny day and enjoy the view on the way there. It’s a wonder!

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