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UvanU Summer Camp Selection allows you to experience a unique multicultural adventure in the Beautiful Country of Canada.

What is a Summer Camp?

It is a special program for teenagers that includes English classes and activities. It’s designed for you students, between 14 and 22 years old (depending on the program), who want to improve their level of English in a multicultural environment. They will enjoying an unforgettable summer and have fun making great friends.

What are the benefits of a Summer Camp in Canada?

After the summer camp, students will have developed skills of self-knowledge and confidence, a sense of adventure and curiosity to discover the world. In addition to this, the students will learn the values of friendship, fellowship and teamwork, and how to communicate in English showing respect for other cultures.

This adventure will help the student’s personal and intellectual growth while enjoying an unforgettable summer.

UvanU International selected three quality programs that will help to forge a better future and create solid memories of very good time:




KGIC offers a certified leadership program combined with exciting excursions and an unforgettable camping experience in the immediate vicinity of British Columbia while practicing English and developing leadership skills and teamwork.

Highlights of this program: two camping trips and the climbing of the Black Tusk peak (2315 mt.) located in a spectacular natural environment of glacial lakes.

In this summer camp you will learn to orient yourself with just a map and a compass; survival techniques, first aid or how to practice water sports with total security. You will also be able to experience the amazing experience of camping under the stars in the wild, enjoy with your new friends on the beach, learn to paddle surf, take a bike trip through the magnificent Stanley Park, a route in “The Chief” having a Beautiful and unique views or visit the peculiar suspension bridge of Lynn Canyon.

What does this leadership program include?

  • English classes every weekday
  • Daily courses and activities
  • Two camping trips
  • Graduation and farewell party.
  • Shuttle service from Vancouver YVR airport to the corresponding Homestay and transfer from the homestay to the airport.
  • Accommodation for 28 nights. (CAD $ 32 extra night)
  • 3 meals per day (lunch is packed)
  • Camping equipment (except sleeping bag and backpack).
  • Textbooks, maps, compass, GPS and field manual.
  • Health insurance (Guard.me)

Click here to see the  4-week full program that combines English classes with workshops and leadership seminars in one of the world’s highest quality of live cities, Vancouver, BC




ILAC – INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE ACADEMYFind your highest experience –

The Teenagers program of ILAC  offers the ability to develop strong language skills in a short period of time. This program is available in two different locations, Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC.

If you are thinking about going to college or university, ILAC will help you to learn the methodology of higher education in Canada. You will also have the chance to visit Canadian colleges and universities on a half-day tour, attend presentations or use their academic tutorials to receive advice from experts in the field.

If you decide to study in Toronto, ON you will be able to do activities such as traveling by boat to Niagara Falls, visiting the Canada’s Wonderland theme park, visiting the Toronto Zoo, playing sports, bowling, visiting the Royal Ontario Museum, a wonderful boat party, watching a baseball game, and much much more!

If you decide to study in Vancouver, BC you will be able to travel to the Whistler Olympic area, enjoy a wonderful excursion to Grouse Mountain, Cultus Lake or Playland, a day of adventure at Pacific Spirit Park, canoeing at Bowen Island Sea, visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge, have a barbecue on the beach, team up in a laser battle and much more.

What does “The Teenagers program” include?

  • English level test
  • English classes in the afternoons
  • Homestay (double room)
  • 3 meals per day (packed lunch)
  • Textbooks
  • Pick-up and transfer from and to the airport
  • Daily activities with supervisors
  • Travel on Fridays and Saturdays (with supervisors)
  • 24-hour emergency help line
  • Student ID card

Click here  to see the full ILAC 4 week program that combines English classes with numerous activities in two different locations in Canada, Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON




KAPLAN INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH – In the Deep knowledge with you –

The KAPLAN   Learning Program is designed to enhance students’ English communication skills while enjoying an amazing experience and discover the fantastic and multicultural city of Vancouver.

Kaplan means quality, for this reason the whole team is formed by highly qualified teachers.

When arriving at the school, a placement test has to be done to adapt the classes as much as possible to the student´s needs. In addition, the study groups are formed by a maximum of 15 students per class. At the end of the program, a Certificate will be issued that accredits attendance and completion of the course.

If you decide to take this program you will to improve your spoken level of English and your writing skills. You will also have an unforgettable summer kayaking in the best Vancouver´s location, discovering the historical origin of the city, having a swim in Lynn Valley and exploring the beauty of nature in Pacific Spirit Park and Lighthouse Park. And much more!

What does Kaplan’s learning program include?

  • Level test
  • English classes during the morning
  • Homestay accommodation (double Room)
  • 2 meals with the family
  • Daily activities (all tickets included) with adult supervisors.
  • One full day excursion per week (Saturdays).
  • Pick-up and transfer to the airport
  • Books and learning materials
  • Student ID card
  • Certificate of attendance to the course
  • 24-hour emergency helpline
  • Health insurance

Click here to see the full 4 week program that combines English classes with fun activities in the multicultural Vancouver, BC



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